WIS is WingSwap's governance token issued on Fantom. Its total supply is 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion). Through our cross-chain bridge, it can be swapped for other public chain-based assets, and can be circulated within the financial ecosystem of different public chains.
The token distribution plan of $WIS is indicated below:

Liquidity Mining: 55%

Used for early stage liquidity mining incentives. The program will be extended for 48 months.

NFT Mining: 10%

Used to reward users who stake Wings NFT.
Seed Sale: 2%
Strategic round funding. 5% released at TGE, 5% for second month, remaining 10% released monthly over 9 months.
Private Sale: 9%
Private round funding. 10% released at TGE, remaining 10% released monthly over 9 months.

Core Team: 8%

Used for incentives to founding team, including community operators and smart contract developers. Tokens locked in 12 months, vesting linearly over 36 months.

Development ecosystem funds: 8%

Used for sustainable community incentives and ecosystem development, vesting linearly over 24 months.

Partners & Advisor: 3%

Incentives to those early and core advisors that assist WingSwap's development. Tokens locked in 6 months, vesting linearly over 12 months.

Public Sale/IDO: 2%

Initial Dex Offering. 50% released at TGE, remaining 10% monthly over 5 months.

Referral program: 1.5%

Vesting linearly over 12 months, the remaining portion will be burned.

Airdrop: 1.5%