Yield Farming

Yield farming is one of the core features of WingSwap. It allows users to earn WIS while supporting WingSwap by farming LP tokens.
The farming rewards will be very attractive in the early stages to attract liquidity to the project, however, will decrease over time and stablize.
WingSwap will have a suitable lock and unlock mechanism to keep the token price and ensure the benefit of users.


Farmers receive LP rewards for high liquidity.
Rewards include:
  • LP rewards APR earned through providing liquidity
  • Farmers receive LP rewards for high liquidity
Here's an example of LP reward calculation:
In the WIS-FTM pool above, we see the following values: Liquidity: $387.42M
Volume 24H: $96.97M
Volume 7D: 709.73M Calculation of annual transaction fees:
Use 24-hour volume to calculate the fee ratio of liquidity providers in the group (based on a 0.17% transaction fee structure): $96,970,000*0.17/100 = $164,849 Next, use that fee share to estimate the expected annual fee the team earns (based on the current 24-hour volume): $164,849*365 = $60,169,885 Now, we can use the annual fee to calculate the APR of the LP reward: It's the annual fee divided by liquidity: ($60,169,885/$387,420,000)*100 = 15.53% LP reward APR
Farm base rewards APR can earn WIS when staking LP tokens in Farms Farm base rewards APR is calculated by the multiplier of the Farm and the total amount of liquidity in the farms - this is the amount of WIS distributed to the farm.

LP Pools

At launch, we will allocate WIS rewards to the following LP pools:
  • WIS - FTM
  • WIS - USDC
  • FTM - USDC
More infomation will be updated soon.