IDO Launchpad

Meet a new, splendid feature of WingSwap!

WingSwap's orientation is to be the incubator for startups in DeFi, Game, NFT, Metaverse... that want to develop on the Fantom ecosystem
New and Potent blockchain projects can now launch their tokens through Initial DEX Offering mechanism on WingSwap Launchpad!
The IDO process on WingSwap provides powerful utilities to the freshly launched tokens on Fantom ecosystem.
WIS holders and Wings NFT owners will greatly benefit when they participate in IDO on Wingswap
WingSwap can support various projects as being both a DEX and a Launchpad. With the Launchpad feature, blockchain projects and WingSwap enrich their products, token services, and make smart business decisions. Initial token sale engages the communities and makes the collaborations more effective.
WingSwap’s effective utilities such as exchanging, farms, promotional events will make a powerful boost for your token.

How can WingSwap help new projects?

Not only WingSwap helps new and potential projects with effectively fundraising, WingSwap can also support projects regarding other factors:
  • Marketing and Promoting your projects to the WingSwap's community and those of WingSwap's partners
  • Tokenomic Design
  • Strategic Advisory
WingSwap is venturing into 2022 with many new features fulfilling its goal to become the top DEX on Fantom. WingSwap aims to leave an everlasting mark on the DeFi field and grow users' number of earning opportunities.

Partners can apply for IDO through Request form

Request form will be updated soon!
Get on board with WingSwap to reach new strategic milestones!
Details will be updated soon!