Wings NFTs

What are WINGS NFTs?

Wings NFTs are the exclusive and highest valued NFT in Wingswap's NFT collection. Wings NFT will be sold in limited quantities. There will only be one collection of Wings NFTs.
Wings NFT holders will be able to participate in DAO Governance.
Here are our NFTs:

How to buy them?

The mechanism for selling each NFT is ‘’first come first serve’’ and there will be 3 price levels. 33% of the initial supply will have an X price, 34% of the next supply will have a Y price, 33% of the final supply will have the Z.
X Y Z price will be decided by the WingSwap team (provided that X < Y < Z) to ensure that early arrivals will be able to purchase with lower price. The prices are in Fantom coins (FTM).

Reward of Wings NFT

  • Total WIS rewards allocated to Wings NFTs are 100,000,000 WIS (10% of total WIS supply) and evenly split among 3 Wings NFT squads (Spirit, Mirage, Lightning).
  • This means each squad will earn approximately 33,333,333 WIS reward.
  • Each Wings NFT item will have a different reward based on the type of Wings NFT you have.
  • Once the Wings NFTs are bought, you will be able to stake your NFTs in the Staking Pool once NFT Pool is live.
Wings NFTs
Median WIS Rewards/NFT
Here's the median rewards per NFT throughout its lifetime.
*Notice: Subject to change if the NFT owners don't stake their NFTs.
Read the following information:
  • You will be able to stake your NFTs to earn Rewards once the NFT Staking pool is live.
  • Total WIS Rewards per type is the amount of WIS allocated to each type of WINGS NFT which is 33,333,333 WIS per type.
  • The mining process will take place over the lifetime of Wings NFTs.
WIS token rewards allocated to each type will be higher for those who stake earlier than others (those who bought NFTs in the first event)
Keep in mind that the sooner you buy them, the more you receive compared to others in terms of preferential price and rewards.
Some of you may get confused so we give out an example for you to picture how it works. Keep in mind that there will be Bonus Reward in the first several weeks when staking is open.
  • Assume the Spirit squad first sales are 500 Spirits and all of them will be staked. The average reward per Spirit of the 500 users receive will be higher than the other 500 Spirits if bought in later sale events.
Further infomation will be updated soon.

Bonus Rewards Mechanism

  • After the opening of NFT Store, NFTs will be staked once they are bought afterwards. The reward amount of the first several weeks will be high and then gradually decrease and stabilize.
  • Of the first several weeks, Bonus Rewards will be locked by 60% in the first 3 months after Bonus Rewards Program ends and linearly distributed for the next 6 months. The remaining 40% will be unlocked immediately.
Further information will be updated soon.