Ship Booster NFTs

What are Ship Booster NFTs?

Ship Booster NFTs allows you to achieve higher APR% on your liquidity positions. Users can stake with ship booster NFT into farming pool to get more rewards from farming.
When the Ship Booster NFT is staked along with the LP tokens, it provides a percentage boost on the rewards earned from that pool/vault.
Here are our NFTs

How to buy them?

Ship Booster NFT will be sold in multiple rounds, each round will be a collection with different themes and limited quantities. No more NFT will be created if that round doesn't sell out of that NFT.
Payment for Ship Booster NFTs will be in WIS and the WIS accumulated from the sale will be burned gradually overtime.
25% of the WIS accumulated from the sale will be burned at a time. To be clear, after the first burn is done, 25% of the 75% will be burned and so on.

Reward of Ship Booster NFT

Each NFT will have WIS reward limits to be received (ex: 10,000 WIS). When the limit is exceeded, that NFT will be disabled.
WIS reward limits differ among Ship Booster NFTs. Make sure you consider before applying the NFTs for the best usage.
The additional rewards from NFT boosting will be calculated by multiplying the booster NFT’s percentage boost with the total rewards earned from staking in that pool, as shown in the formula below:
BoostedRewards = RewardsEarned * PercentageBoostFromNFT
The mechanism of selling each NFT is “first come first serve” with fixed price.


Take a look at our guy, Max:
  • Let's say Max buys a Ship Booster NFT, the Discovery, which gives a 20% boost on the rewards earned from farming on a stablecoin-stablecoin pool
  • While providing liquidity to the stablecoin pool, he staked his LP tokens with the Discovery
  • After 5 days of farming, Max amassed based 1,000 WIS rewards
  • As Max staked his Discovery along with LP tokens, he will also receive additional 200 WIS rewards (20% boosted) from his Discovery. Max will have a total of 1,200 WIS rewards on claim.
*All Ship Booster NFTs applicable on all pools.
*Users can only use one Ship Booster NFT at a time for one pool.
Further infomation will be updated soon.
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