DEX Smart Trading

DEX Smart Trading is the next step in the development of WingSwap
WingSwap believes that all traders, whether rookie, expert, or institutional, are entitled to a smooth trading experience on a great platform. There's no consideration for the problems with centralized exchanges or the inefficiency of decentralized exchanges; all that matters is making a profit and having fun with the trading process.
In the present time, many countries around the world still have barriers to crypto investors, WingSwap DEX Smart Trading will solve that problem. We provide a secure, permissionless and unrestricted trading platform that allows investors to access the cryptocurrency and DeFi markets in the most convenient way.
To serve the trading needs of users, DEX Smart Trading on WingSwap platform offers a convenient trading experience like CEX with Order list, Price chart and Limit order. Now, users can trade like a traditional exchange on a decentralized exchange (DEX).
Further infomation will be updated soon.