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Bonus Rewards Program

To incentivize users to join and use our service, WingSwap will initiate the Bonus Rewards Program.
Bonus Rewards Program will take place at the same time of opening Farming, Staking and Wings NFT Stake. Within this period, by using our service: staking and farming, users will get a bonus rewards rate for their participation. Staking Wings NFTs after buying one will also be eligible to earn the bonus.
40% of Rewards will be unlocked immediately during the Bonus period, 60% will be locked for 3 months after the period ends and linearly distributed in 6 months.
At the end of the program, rewards from farming, staking and Wings NFT staking will be unlocked 100% when all locking and unlocking periods pass.
Here's the timeline for the bonus period so you can get the picture of it.
So, you may ask: Should I join early?
There are benefits from early participants: Early Farming is more beneficial as users will benefit from high APR. If you are a Farmer, harvesting WIS early and holding it for a long time will be very beneficial as WIS emissions will decrease over time and WingSwap’s buy back & burn mechanism will make WIS more valuable over time.
The LP tokens you deposited into Farming pools or Staking pools can be withdrawn at anytime.
Start and End date will be announced on all our Social platforms. Stay tuned!