Vision & Roadmap

Wingswap is the Fantom-based platform that elevates DeFi and NFT to the next level

WingSwap's Vision

We envision an ecosystem where fast, easy, and affordable decentralized finance products and services that meet the needs of users are delivered in a timely, responsible, and sustainable way. Apart from this, we project a platform that will be the forerunner of all DeFi products and use cases in the nearest future and easily accessible assets with more use cases that will drive adoption, increase demand and value.
Below is a summary of the vision of WingSwap:
  • To become the go-to decentralized exchange on Fantom ecosystem with multifunction integration
  • To be the first DEX to integrate NFT on Fantom, connecting NFT with Defi to create a new, better and more useful yield farming model for users.
  • To creatively develop and perfect its ecosystem, progress more projects including Launchpad, Bridge, NFT, Gamefi, etc.

Our Roadmap

WingSwap has amazing features and functionalities planned ahead.
  • Launch of DEX features
  • Complete security audits
  • Token Launching
  • Yield Farming
  • Release NFT Store
  • Buy-back & Burn WIS tokens
  • VIP Staking Pools
  • Release DEX Smart Trading
  • Launchpad projects reveal
  • Launch AirPools feature
  • Ecosystem development
  • Ship Booster NFT Collection II
  • WingSwap 2.0
  • Implement governance